Festivals in Germany

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Do you want good cheap food? Awesome music? Fun costumes? Good vibes? And a day to make nice memories? If your answer was yes, German festivals are what you need. Every year, Germany holds more than 10,000 festivals, you should at least experience one before you die. Here is a list of the most famous festivals in germany:  

1- Oktoberfest: If someone Should go there, its Homer Simpson, it’s a BEER paradise, and if you’re also a beer lover, don’t think twice about it. Held in Munich the festival will remain in your memory for a very long time, you will never forget the fun you will get to experiment there. A very sage philosopher once said “Without beer, life would be a mistake”. Its something you will definitely put in mind, especially if you spend some time with some good friends in the Oktoberfest. PS: You will see  a lof men wearing leiderhosen. Something I wouldn’t miss. 

2- Leipzig Book Fair: There is no friend as loyal as a book, if you agree we can say you’re a books lover, and that’s why the The Frankfurt Bookfair was made for you. Journalist, writer, reader or just someone into books will fall in love with it. It’s the largest literature festival in Europe with a massive number of BOOKS. Its heaven, isn’t it? The world belongs to those who read! 

3- Guess what’s the most magical time of the year? Yes you got it right. Lets meet under the mistletoe in Berlin, where more than 50 Christmas festivals are held. Tons of Christmas decorated stands, spiced wine and gingerbread houses! TEES THE SEASON… 

Huge street parades, good ambiance and a very long list of amazing festivals are waiting for you! Get yourself a ticket and enjoy German festivals!