A trip to the Middle East

The middle east is often seen as a dangerous region, quite exotic or mysterious. Just check out SEO Glasgow Specialist. Depending on your perspective. It attracts a big number of tourists, but they often don’t know what country to visit, I’m here to tell you why Lebanon (Often named “Switzerland of the middle east”)  is the best country for tourism in the Middle East. 

First of all, tourists interested in the middle east usually care about learning about the culture the most.  In lebanon  you will get to know about so many cultures. Because of the huge number of refugees you will get to learn about Palestinian, Armenian, and Syrian cultures. But of course about the interesting Lebanese one. You will feel like you’re visiting different countries, since regions are different depending on the religion majority. Christian regions are the cleanest and are usually preferred by tourists. Druze territories are also loved. A lot of Sunni and shia regions  lack can be pretty messy but you will still get a lot of nice places to discover. And don’t worry about communication, Lebanese are extremely friendly and known for their hospitality. Bonus point, they often speak 3 languages or more, including English.  

4 “THINGS” you will adore in Lebanon: Food, nature, Parties, and People( Especially women). Could you ask for more?  

When it comes to food, Lebanese cuisine is impeccable and will steal your heart! Not exaggerating but tourists adore Lebanese gastronomy; Tabouleh, Hommos, Chich Barack, Fatouche, Machewe W el chabeb (Also a Lebanese joke), Mankouche ( Recommended for breakfast) and the list goes on. In  Lebanon you will never have an empty tummy, nor a half filled one.  

Lebanese food is not the only amazing thing, nature is breathtaking, and often feels “New” for  tourists. Zaarour, Chekka, Douma, Jezzine, Bsharri, Zahle, Faraya, Tannourine, Rachaya, Baskinta, Nahr Ibrahim, Tyre, Deir el qamar, Jounieh, chouf, Jbeil, Batroun and the list is still very long. It’s a small country but so many marvelous regions, and since its not a big country, discovering them is not hard. Moreover, activities of all kind are available, hiking, scuba diving, boating, skiing(Winter only), Paragliding etc. Visit the cool towns too, Downtown for a nice shopping trip and Beirut for the very interesting museum. And don’t miss Grotto Jeita, it’s literally wonderful! So many places to discover, unfortunately the list is missing a lot of BEAUTIFUL places to visit. 

On the other hand, wild parties are made in Lebanon, nightlife is just Amazing, most parties don’t start before 11pm and end up with a “Knefe” as breakfast. Party in Beirut, Gemmayzeh or Jounieh and make your nights the most memorable of your life! So many festivals will bump into you if you come during summer vacation and they are full of good vibes! Specially in Lebanese villages.  

Lebanese, as mentioned previously, are very friendly and compared to other people in middle eastern countries, they are open-minded. In Islamic regions,” hijab” and more conservative principles may appear, but in Christian regions they are way more “open”, girls wear crop tops and revealing clothes without it being a big deal. Nature in Lebanon is not the only one blessed, Lebanese women are stunning (They often get plastic surgery) and very feminine (Most of them) specially when you compare them to Americans.  PS: Lebanese Christians are not arabs, but Phoenicians . (Not everyone in Lebanon agrees.) 

I think you’re ready to visit Baalbek, the Lebanese souks, the amazing beaches,  Bekaa valley, dance with awesome human beings and eat Shawarma while listening to Wael Kfoury’s songs! Aren’t you